Thursday, 6 December 2012

Skippers Canyon or Numerous New Zealand Sightseeing Tours to Enjoy in Queenstown – Select Wisely.

If you ever visit New Zealand, the South Island and Queenstown have to be included in your travel plans. And since you are there, Skippers Canyon is without a doubt a not-to-be-missed activity.

Queenstown Heritage Tours offers 2 different options into Skippers:

  1. the unforgettable Skippers Canyon tour is the 1 tour that is most regularly chosen. 
  2. the Skippers Canyon Vista tour is the shorter option and mainly appeals to travellers who desire to enjoy lots of things or who are budget-focused.

The main distinction would be the hours you spend in the canyon. Whereas the unforgettable Skippers Canyon option lasts for 4 hours, Skippers Canyon Vista’s duration is only 3.

During the four hours excursion, we walk over Skippers Bridge and drive to Skippers Point which is the final destination. On our Vista trip, Skippers Bridge is the destination where we turn around and travel back to Queenstown.

One of the climax on the unforgettable Skippers Canyon option is undoubtedly the outdoor picnic. You will be offered some home-made cheese served on crackers, some sweet biscuits accompanied by a cup of coffee or tea or even a glass of Queenstown’s local wine. The refreshments are included to this option.

We pride ourselves to have the most versatile minibuses in Queenstown. Specifically outfitted for New Zealand sightseeing tours, our four-wheel drive vehicles offer comfort from A to Z: air-conditioning, forward-facing seats, excellent suspension and big viewing windows are the main characteristic.

On both our Skippers Canyon trips, a pick up from your Queenstown hotel is complimentary. As soon as the trip has ended, all you have to say is where you would like to be dropped off, eg. at the starting point of another optional tour, in the Queenstown centre or at your hotel – we can certainly do that.

They say ‘A picture says more than 1000 words’. For this reason, we created some snapshots and transformed them into a short video clip. You can look into those clips here or visit our website to find details about our optionals.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Skippers Canyon Tours - behind the scenes

Today I would like to share some behind the scenes information.

You might know that my company - Queenstown Heritage Tours - has to undergo a yearly quality check performed by Qualmark New Zealand. We had our check a couple of weeks ago and I can proudly say 'we did it again!' We are again one of the best in the industry.

I am very proud to announce that we received again a score of 82%. That's the same score as we had last year which means that we could keep up our excellent operation.

As part of this yearly assessment, we do calculate our CO2 emissions that we create due to our Skippers Canyon and Wine tours. We continued our business partnership with and offset a total of 36 metric tonnes - that's actually more than we needed to do, but since we offset at least 35 tonnes every year with, we continued our effort without lowering our contribution.

This basically means that Queenstown Heritage Tours and all our services offered continue to be carbon-neutral tours.

And before I go, I would like to inform you that we again supported the Wakatipu Highschool Branches Camp. Our regular readers will remember this initiative as we financially support our Queenstown School every year by donating a couple of hundreds dollars to this camp. This year, we went even further: besides the financial donation, we transported some children to the camp.

Since the Branches Camp is in Skippers Canyon, the children were driven by 2 of our long-term team members.

The camp started last Friday, 23 November and will last until 4 December on which day we will again offer 2 of our vehicles to transport some of the school children safely home.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Skippers Road Took Us Years Back

I just published this short video message regarding the past couple of weeks here in Queenstown. We had a little bit of a scare given to us by Mother Nature because she decided to let Skippers Road experience a major slip.

This incident meant for us that we could not operate as normal.

Watch the video and find out more about what we did and why I published this video message for you.

Queenstown Heritage Tours Website

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the video.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

My Aotearoa - reassuring, humbling and emotional

Since my last post, we experienced some interesting, reassuring, humbling and really questionable days and to top it all off, we experienced the emotional connection to our Aotearoa.

Let me explain:

It all happened so fast, so quickly. First, we got a phone call from our local Queenstown Council. They are responsible for the roads here in Queenstown and they had to inform us that our beloved Skippers Bridge - one of the highlights on our unforgettable Skippers Canyon tour - had to be closed. They needed to repair the bridge - but it would only take them a few days to do it. Today, I received a message that the work is more or less done. Our local Council worked closely together with the New Zealand Heritage Places Trust to repair this 100+ years historic Bridge in such a way that it continues to pay homage to the Goldminers of Skippers Canyon.
They did it! They repaired the Bridge and with this reassured us of its safety. They made sure that the beauty of this remarkable structure does live another day, month, year... Job well done!

The second thinking point was the volcano Tongariro. It was sleeping for soooo long and now decided to... turn in its sleep. It spit out some rocks, it opened some new insides for the scientists and it left some ashes around the local area of Tongariro.

You have to know that this volcano has always been here. It was and STILL IS a tourist attraction for all those travellers who like to experience nature up close and personal. I have to confess, I was twice near this mountain and tried to do the Tongariro Crossing - but the weather never allowed me to indulge in this true and unique Kiwi experience... I soooo wished I could have done it! But look: I will have it one day. I will have a close look at this living volcano of ours.

At the end of the day, we live on an island. Aotearoa is the youngest island we have on this planet. It is quite humbling to be one of the few who live here: to enjoy the beauty of this God's given creation. For me, it is a privilege to call New Zealand my home; even though the earthquakes and this latest volcano activity is a sober reminder that we have to live WITH nature.

The third and the last exciting topic was the award of the second Gold Medal for our Shotput athlete Valerie Adams. We salute her and congratulate her to this success. We understand that this event was and still is very emotional for her, for her team and family - as well as for the rest of us Kiwis. We did not want to be cheated. But the truth prevailed. Now that we have the result that 'our' Valerie does hold the current Olympic Gold Medal in Shotput makes me extremely proud.

As I said at the beginning, this past few days were reassuring, humbling and emotional. But hey, this is New Zealand - this is Aotearoa - this is why we live here - and this is why we like to share it with you!

Monday, 30 July 2012

Christchurch is on the Rise again

Kia Ora - Warm Welcome to our Winter Post of Queenstown Heritage Tours.

We first like to thank you to stay loyal to our subscription and to our updates during the past months and years. And of course we would like to give a warm WELCOME to all our new joiners, fans and followers that joined our little Skippers Canyon Community.

It is end of July 2012. It's winter and it's cold. But just today there were breaking news that truly warmed our hearts here on the South Island of New Zealand: the new rebuilding plans of Christchurch were released!

We had a good look at the presentation of this plan that will surely put Christchurch back on all those 'Bucket List Entries' of all you people out there. This new plan is just SPECTACULAR - Christchurch is on the rise and it will be even more shining, more green as the 'old' Garden City we so came to love and were used to enjoy.

Look - for all you readers out there who don't really understand the connection we Queenstown Locals have to Christchurch. New Zealand is made of 2 islands - the North and the South Island. The North Island is the place where you would most likely land with your airplane - I image you land in Auckland. You will like this city and the entire Island as it is steep in history, it has lash green lands and is home to more locals...

... yes, you will cross over from the North Island to the South Island by Ferry and then enter an entirely new world. You have to know that the South Island is twice as big as the North but only has about half the locals living there. Here on the South Island you will enjoy pure nature, pure landscapes - simply - pure New Zealand.

Christchurch would be one of your stops travelling through the South Island. This city is our biggest city on the south end of Aotearoa. It is home for about 300'000 locals ( yeah... go ahead and laugh... :-)) This is our BIG South Island City. From there you will head to Queenstown and enjoy our nearly untouched nature.

There you have it: Queenstown is about a day's travel away from Christchurch - if you travel by car. It takes you about 45 minutes to fly - but I don't know how long it will take if you travel by boat... :-)

Anyway: having those re-build plans finally on the table do breathe new live into our shaken South Island. It will be good, it will be green, it will be simply spectacular - it will be KIWI!

So what do you have to do now? Plan to put some Dollars or Euros (or whatever currency you use) away. Do this every month and come and visit us - here in Further Down Under - in beautiful New Zealand!

ps: we posted a link of the video of those rebuilding plans onto our Facebook page. Have a look today!

Friday, 1 June 2012

Skippers Canyon in Queenstown New Zealand

Let's face it: if you decide to come and visit our living national park, officially called New Zealand - or in Maori Aotearoa - you definitely will travel to the following places:

  • Auckland. This might be your first port of call, so to say. Most flights will land in this little metropolis that (at least for me) resembles San Francisco: very unique, very cosmopolitan, very multi-cultural, simply very New Zealand.
  • Rotorua. You have to see our take on the Yellowstone National Park. Ok, ok... it is much smaller; very, very much smaller. But nonetheless, it bubbles, is smells like foul eggs and we (and only New Zealand...) have the Maori culture showcased very uniquely in Rotorua. You definitely have to experience a Hangi and see the Haka... 
  • Nature-Lovers won't want to miss Te Urewera National Park...just beautiful, just liberating, just uniquely New Zealand!
  • Wellington. Our capital - you have to see the Beehive! If you don't know what this is: it's the building where our politicians go to work - it's worth a look... And while you are in Wellington, visit 'Te Papa' which would be a museum that brings New Zealand closer to you - this is a must-see! believe me, well worth your time!
  • Now you will take the ferry to cross over to the South Island. Have fun on Cook Straight! Take the Interislander Ferry...
  • Kaikoura. You HAVE to see our whales and the dolphins - they are such a delight! I still remember when I first saw this whale grasping for air in front of our eyes, diving down again and showing off its fin. I took a picture, of course - but deleted it later by accident as I wanted to show off my own photographic talents... Make sure you keep your pictures!!! Just make sure you take plenty of sticks with you that can store your pictures.
  • Christchurch. You HAVE to see our biggest city on the South Island. I know, the earthquake had its fun but promised to pick on someone its one size in future. 
  • and finally Queenstown. Ah... Queenstown - adrenaline, Bungy Jumps, Jet boat, Rafting... Did you know, that you have 8 different Jet boats to choose from in the wider area of Queenstown? Are you aware that there are 3 options to do a Bungy Jump? Have you heart that there are 2 companies that offer River Rafting on 2 different rivers near Queenstown? No...? I just thought you might be interested in knowing this... 
Do you know what is truly unique to New Zealand? Do you know the attraction that you can only find once - meaning only 1 single area has the bragging rights for it? You guessed right: it's Queenstown. We have Skippers Canyon in our back drop. We, and only we, have this living history of goldmining heritage in our backyard and only in Queenstown you are able to join our unforgettable Skippers Canyon tour to experience this attraction that has been here for nearly 150 years.

So there you have it. Skippers Canyon is as unique to Queenstown as Wellington is to New Zealand - being our Capital, as the small geysers are to Rotorua and as the whales are to Kaikoura.

Which leaves only 1 thing for me to say: join our unforgettable Skippers Canyon tour to have an unforgettable experience in New Zealand!

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Queenstown attractions offer special deals for Skippers Canyon

We just released our new special offers for Skippers Canyon. Choose between several discounts, free merchandise or combine your unique historic adventure with wine tasting.

Here are the deals:

Get 20% off
This deal is for our unforgettable Skippers Canyon tour. Experience Queenstown's backcountry during Winter and early Spring. Get ready to have a snow ball fight or experience how this wonderland wakes up from its winter-beauty-sleep. Just 1 word of caution: bring a warm jacket!
In order to receive this discount, all you have to do is book online directly with us. Click here to learn more about the details of this deal.

Receive a FREE Skippers Cap
This deal is again for our unforgettable Skippers Canyon tour. It will be Spring, when you travel to receive this bonus, the sun will come out and shine on this wonderland near Queenstown. You get to keep a cap for free, when you book online today. Just click here to learn more about the details of this deal.

Family Special
This is our third deal for the unforgettable Skippers Canyon tour. Enjoy together with you family this different kind of adventure. While you take pictures, your children walk on this mountain road. This family special applies to Moms and Dads who would like to take their children and save NZD50.-- per child. This bonus surely supports every budget. If you would like to use this special, then click here to learn more about the details of it.

Please check our special deals page to see if our other offers suit you. Maybe, you would want to combine your attractions...
We see you soon here in Queenstown!

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