Sunday, 11 October 2009

From Brisbane to Skippers

One of our closest business relationship is with Grand Pacific Tours. Many of their customers join our Unforgettable Skippers Canyon Tour. They almost always comment on our tours as follows:
  • "It's a great trip - everyone should do it"
  • "what a fantastic scenery"
  • "the pictures you publish on your website don't do this remarkable area justice - particularly in Autumn, the canyon is just stunning"
Maori Point in Autumn

One of the best comments though reached us just a couple of days ago. A group of Grand Pacific was on their way home to Australia. they met an other group of Grand Pacific Travelers and so the started to talk to each other; what is there to expect, what should be done and what so on. The returning group told the others that they should not miss Skippers Canyon. That's why they come to visit Skippers.

Overview over Skippers Bridge

We try hard to publish the best descriptions and the most beautiful pictures available of the canyon. Nevertheless, we believe that such comments told from one customer to the other are the best publicity we can get. We would like to thank all of you who are out there talking positively about our tour into Skippers Canyon!

Having said that, have a look at the following short trailer, sponsored by Grand Pacific and featured in Australia a couple of months ago. This movie will give you an impression about what to expect while travelling with Grand Pacific and joining our Unforgettable Skippers Canyon Tour:

Some other comments that reach us are about the excellent Brochure Grand Pacific is publishing every year about their Optional Tours. Some customers use this brochure to plan ahead and make their decision at home to join one or the other tour. Have a look at the latest copy (September 2009).

The pictures in this article were taken by our customers and kindly sent to us. We are happy to share them with us.
Shotover River in Skippers Canyon

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