Tuesday, 13 October 2009

It is not only our Love Affair

It was last March 2009. It was a beautiful Thursday, the 12th day of the Month, where a group of our other very valuable customer Scenic Tours joined us to visit breathtaking Skippers Canyon. It was a small group enjoying the area of this exclusive, heritage-steep canyon all by their own. We had a great time, letting the history sink in while sipping a glass of Queenstown local wine and nibbling away some home-made cheese served on crackers.

It was a nearly perfect day for the customers. But not entirely perfect enough... 2 passengers wanted to join our Unforgettable Skippers Canyon Tour again on the next day. They claimed they enjoyed it so much that they would like to experience this once-in-a-lifetime moment again - right then. We took them into the canyon on the very next day and offered them a 'frequent visitor' discount - that was of course out of question.

Some weeks before, we hosted an elderly Lady with her husband. She came back and mentioned to her Tour Guide (who organized Skippers Canyon Tour for her) that she was deeply impressed by what she had just experienced that she wanted to make a note in her Travel Diary. She sat in front of her booklet for a moment but could not find the proper words to describe what she experienced.
Even though, it is a bit difficult to understand another person's feelings, but I strongly believe that we can not receive any better recommendation that this of our customers. THANK YOU!

Our entire team could hardly believe that visitors to our stunning area would love it so much that they literally can't get enough. Our drivers regularly tell us that performing tours for us together with the customers is not only 'work' for them, but also a genuine pleasure.

Sometimes I can only imagine how it was for my team to enjoy Skippers with our customer. Like in Spring, when snow is still lying around and the group has their snow ball fight - in the middle of nowhere .I see a sparkle in my team's eyes and I can only imagine how our customers must have enjoyed the experience and how unique and special this half day must have been for them. I take great pleasure from seeing this reaction and I am very thrilled by the fact that my team does in fact indulge in sharing our beautiful and breathtaking, history-related Skippers Canyon with everyone who joins us.

I can truly and honestly say that according to our experience, Skippers Canyon is not only OUR Love Affair.

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