Friday, 23 October 2009

Skippers and Conservation

Skippers Canyon basically begins at Skippers Saddle, the highest point in the canyon. The narrow and winding road leads all visitors to Skippers or Skippers Point as it was used to be called at the turn of the last century.

Skippers is managed by the Department of Conservation. The team restores the historic buildings and manages access to the site. In order to have access to Skippers, every commercial operator has to hold a valid concession. Those access rights are granted to a limited number of operators.

The Department of Conservation requires reports of every customer which we take into Skippers. We - Queenstown Heritage Tours - regularly report every guest we hosted. On the basis of those reports, we pay a levy to the Department of Conservation. Those funds support the Department by funding their work at the site.

Skippers is part of the Department's Mr. Aurum Recreation Reserve. Read here what the Department writes about this area. The road to Skippers is a Public Road and accessible preferably only by 4WD vehicle driven by experienced drivers. Rental cars are generally not allowed in the canyon.

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