Tuesday, 20 October 2009

"Stunning" and "Breathtaking" get a New Meaning

Yesterday, I had a very lovely conversation with 2 of our guests who joined the Unforgettable Skippers Canyon Tour. Yvonne and Noel gave me their permission to write about what they said to me.

The two are currently travelling through New Zealand on a Coach Tour organized by Grand Pacific Tours. The enjoyed their day in Skippers very much. Noel said, that he was very impressed by the stunning scenery and the grandeur of the Canyon.

They spent the day before in Milford Sound. Even though Milford is very spectacular and impressive, it is very well known and visitors to Milford usually know exactly what to expect. This is not a bad thing at all, but Noel confessed that he was missing the "A and O" effect in Milford.

"In Skippers Canyon though, we had this A and O nearly at every corner we turned" explained Noel with amazement. Yvonne mentioned that the words 'stunning' and 'breathtaking' got a new meaning now.

One other point Noel mentioned, was the comfort of the minibus. Especially the implemented loudspeakers enable all passengers to hear our commentary loud and clear. We seat up to 9 passengers in every minibus. "There is something intimate to your minibuses, as we only have a couple of other people around us. We can talk to each other and ask the Driver questions. Through the loudspeakers, everyone can hear the answer. I guess, even as a safety feature, those loudspeakers are very important as no direction given by the Driver can be missed" explained Noel.

As the owner of Queenstown Heritage Tours, I am very pleased about those comments. Yvonne mentioned that there was one part where we could improve. She did not have enough time at Skippers Point to fully indulge in morning tea (all biscuits were gone by the time she left the Museum). As a special thank for joining our tour and allowing me to publish their feedback, we presented Yvonne with some more biscuits before she and Noel left Queenstown together with their group.


Anonymous said...


We feel as if we are blog stars now. What a privilege!!!

I would like to confirm your precis of our conversation. And Yvonne would particularly like to thank you for the extra biscuits.

We are safely at home now and will always remember the wonderful expedition we had with "Wolfie" to Skippers Canyon.

Thank you once again. We will contact you when we return to Queenstown as soon as possible.

Kind Regards
Noel and Yvonne
Toowoomba, Australia

Anonymous said...

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