Thursday, 12 November 2009

Morning Tea in Skippers

During our unforgettable Skippers Canyon tour, we treat our customers not only to a unique and wonderful scenery, but also to a morning tea.

Fancy this: you sit all alone (together with your partner, of course) in Skippers Canyon. No one else is there. You have Skippers Point all for yourself. You sit on those little chairs and enjoy the scenery. You are served with some home-made cheese on crackers and sweet biscuits. If you feel like it, have a glass of Queenstown local wine or sip your tea or coffee.

The tranquility of the canyon is most enjoyable during an afternoon tour. Seats on our morning tours are usually more taken. This does however not spoil the natural beauty of the canyon and the groups who are traveling together enjoy this spot in Queenstown's backcountry very much.

As you can see, we serve our coffee and tea out of a porcelain mug. Some of our customers ask us if they could buy the mug as it makes the perfect souvenir. We are currently working on a solution for this.

Our sweet biscuits are severed on a tray which is covered by a doiley. It is quite interesting how many of our customers observe this fact and comment on it. They like it.

In general, everyone enjoys the morning or afternoon tea very much. The picnic is served next to Skippers Schoolhouse which is now restored as a little museum. The schoolhouse is managed by the Department of Conservation. Our guest are usually intrigued by the pictures and explanations featured in the old house.

Our picnic break has another big advantage - at least for us. We ask our customers to come and see their Driver/Guide and pay for the tour. We always do it this way and in fact everyone likes to pay then, as the alternative would be to walk back to Queenstown - this is of course only a joke... But payment is done after the picnic. Some of our customers comment that they find this solution quite nice as half of the tour has already been performed with payment.

The big question is always: 'how do you make the cheese?' This is a secret... I reveal this much though: take some Edam or Tasty Cheese, put some Cream Cheese into the grated hard cheese and mix it. That's it.

If you want to taste my version of the cheese - please feel free to join our tours. We are looking forward to sharing it with you.

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