Saturday, 14 November 2009

Our Commitment for Branches School Camp

Every year, Wakatipu Highschool takes all students of year 11 to the Branches in Skippers Canyon. They stay there for 2 weeks, camping and learning about the area. Amongst other things, the students do kayak, go for hikes, learn how to cross a river and most of all, they learn how to work together in a team.

This camp costs about NZD250.-- per student. Some of the parents can not afford to pay this fee.

We are committed to collect money for the Branches Camp. Our goal is to collect enough money for at least 1 student. We run this fundraiser in November 2009 as the camp takes place in December, just before the big summer holidays and the end of the school year.

The fundraiser works like this, that we donate $2.-- for every merchandise sold on our tours. We sell caps and glasses. Interestingly enough, many of our customers donate a gold-coin just like this - and some buy the merchandise and add an extra coin to the pot.

We thank everyone who supported us raising funds for the Branches School Camp in Skippers.

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