Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Request for one of our Drivers: a personal touch

The other day, I received a call from a couple visiting us from the US. They said that they would like to come with us into Skippers and that our tour was highly recommended by some of their friends.

Those friends visited us about 3 years ago. They were very impressed by the scenery and by our Driver/Guide. So the couple asked for the same Driver/Guide as they wanted to experience exactly the same as their friends had.

I have to say, my team is very loyal to the company and I am very fortunate to have a stable team supporting me and providing our customers with wonderful experiences every day.

As is was, I could confirm the tour for the couple and I could organize the same Driver/Guide for them. He is one of our more experienced team members. He sometimes shares his teenager memories and starts his story with something like this: 'I still remember when the MacNicol family used to farm in Skippers...' - we are indeed a very young country.

It is just extra-ordinary for us to share our knowledge and our passion with our visitors.

By the way: the couple enjoyed the tour very much; as much as their friends had and they promised to recommend us further.


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