Sunday, 13 December 2009

Skippers Canyon and what else - some sample Itineraries

To be honest: you don't have to visit Skippers Canyon. I just believe that you would miss something very unique and beautiful if you don't.

If you should decide to visit the area, I suggest you don't take your rental car as it is not insured. Please read your contract carefully and if in doubt, ask you rental car company what will happened if you have an accident with the rental car or 'just' create a damage. As said, you are not allowed to take your rental there.

Most of our customers find it very relaxing having us as their guides through Skippers. They can sit back and enjoy the scenery while we explain them special points of interest.

When we pick up customers, we ask them if they are on a schedule and at which time (if at all...) they would need to be back in town. Usually, our guest bring plenty of time to enjoy the canyon.

Here are some samples of other activities that you can combine with a visit to Skippers:
  • go on a Shotover Jet boat ride after our tour. We pass Edith Cavell Bridge which is the starting point of Shotover Jet. We would drop you off right there, you check yourself in for the jetboat ride and take the free shuttle back to Queenstown. 
  • go an a rafting trip after our tour. Queenstown Rafting starts, too from Edith Cavell Bridge and again we could drop you off there. 
  • take the Skyline Gondolla up the hill in the morning, enjoy the overview over Queenstown and join our tour in the afternoon.
  • join our combination tour and visit Skippers in the morning and taste some wines in the afternoon. An a la carte vineyard lunch is included in our Canyon & Wine Tour.
  • have a sleep-in in the morning, join our afternoon tour into Skippers and board the TSS Earnslaw to cross Lake Wakatipu and enjoy an evening dinner at Walter Peak Station.
  • join our morning tour into Skippers and enjoy the a nice sail on the Yacht of Queenstown Sail in the afternoon. 
Please remember that all suggestions are samples of activities others did while in Queenstown.
Enjoy the area and if you can, bring plenty of time - you won't have troubles to spend it...

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