Saturday, 5 December 2009

This is Skippers Canyon; or: "on which planet are we?"

May we present Skippers Canyon. It has been here in the backcountry of Queenstown for a very long time and it was once THE place to visit, back then, as Queenstown only had a few hundred visitors a year. Skippers Canyon hosted a part of New Zealand's Goldrush. You will find some more details about this in my other entries of this blog.

Today, Skippers Canyon amazes many visitors who travel with their own car or join one of our tours. They are usually very impressed by the unique views, the clearly visible tracks of the goldminers and by the fact, that Skippers Canyon is still a remote place without crowds.

A couple of days ago, one customer asked us after about 1 hour into the tour, on which planet he was. Naturally, this question was a translation of the feelings our guest experienced at the time.

We simply call Skippers Canyon 'our most stunning working place' which we are more than happy to share with you!

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