Sunday, 21 February 2010

I never wanted this tour to end

A few days ago, we took some Queenstown visitors into Skippers Canyon. It was a lovely afternoon and we had so to say Skippers Canyon all to ourselves. It was just great! We took our time while travelling in our comfortable 4WD minibuses through this remarkable gorge. The air-condition made sure all passengers felt comfortable as the sun was smiling in full force, adding a unique color to all photos taken by our guest.

We passed Skippers Bridge and as usual let the customers walk over it. They enjoyed this sight very much as the Bridge is an astonishing historic monument of the goldmining era.

After reaching Skippers Point, the small group enjoyed the restored museum, the spectacular views while we prepared afternoon tea. The picnic table was decorated with a table cloth, the wine glasses as well as the coffee or tea mugs where put into place and the home-made cheese crackers were served.

The group enjoyed this setting very much. After a moment, a Lady spoke to our driver and said: "I wish this tour would never end".

What a lovely comment this was! We take such comments as a sign that our guest truly enjoy themselves and appreciate the area in Skippers Canyon. This is all we can ask for.

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