Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Skippers Bridge will be closed

Skippers Bridge is a historic building which needs to be maintained regularly in order to enable visitors to drive safely over it. Queenstown Council will be closing the bridge on 24./25./26. February 2010 in order to do some repair and maintenance work.

What does this mean to the visitors? We believe you will not miss out on very much. You will only be stopped to visit Skippers Point as this little township can only be reached by crossing the bridge and drive a little bit further up the hill. As the bridge will be closed, the first leg of your journey into Skippers Canyon will end at the bridge.

On our unforgettable Skippers Canyon Tour, you will have even more opportunities to take pictures and do short walks on the mountain road during those 3 days because the tour will be a little bit shorter than usual.

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