Monday, 22 February 2010

Take a picture of everything that moves

Let's be honest: people come to visit New Zealand because they know it is a beautiful country. Queenstown is not exception to this rule and Skippers Canyon - in the back-country of Queenstown - is truly a unique and breathtaking site.

Nowadays, the majority of customers have digital cameras with memory sticks. What a blessing this digital age is! Endless pictures can be taken and if needed by erased again if storage space on those sticks is getting low.

We had customers on board who took about 200 pictures of the canyon. We are always quite impressed by the passion of our guest who must have truly loved Skippers Canyon.

So here is our advise: if you visit Skippers with us, please make sure you either take your laptop with you to copy your pictures, or you have a CD burnt regularly with your pictures at one of the Photo Shops in town or your simply take plenty of those memory sticks with you - you never know how many pictures you are going to take.

Please enjoy!

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