Wednesday, 17 March 2010

A 'Must-Do' in Queenstown even if you are scared of heigths

Skippers Canyon is a canyon with steep drops to one side. You travel on Skippers Road along side this remarkable gorge. You look down into the canyon and can observe this breathtaking area from up top. Skippers Road is a mountain road, unsealed and under the protection of the New Zealand Historic Places Trust.

Sometimes we entertain a customer in our minibus who is a bit nervous due to the drops along side the road.
One Lady though commented that the tour into Skippers Canyon is a 'Must-Do' in Queenstown even if you are scared of heights.

Our Driver/Guides pay extra attention to customers who are a bit scared of height. We offer seat rotation and adjust our driving speed to the level where it is comfortable for this particular customer. Generally, after the picnic break in Skippers Point, all worries are gone and even the little bit scared customers can then fully enjoy this marvelous canyon in the backcountry of Queenstown.

comfortable ride into Skippers Canyon

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