Friday, 19 March 2010

Some Things Never Change

It is always special and very dear to us when customers provide us with a truly remarkable feedback. A while ago, a Gentleman from Australia contacted us. He enjoyed our tour into Skippers Canyon very much. After his return home, he went into his attic to look for an old postcard which he knew he still had. This postcard was handed over to us and is since treasured! The postcard was sent to convey Seasons Greetings and was posted in December 1907.

Horse-drawn carriage was the preferred way to visit Skippers Canyon at the turn of the last century. An entry in the 1925 'Official Southland Guide' described the journey to Skippers Point as follows:
SKIPPERS. Lake County. Is a wild and romantic mining district, about twenty miles from Queenstown, from which place the trip to Skippers is considered the premier excursion for tourists, daily trips being made, leaving at 8 am and returning at 6 pm, the mode of conveyance being by coach, each comfortably accommodating ten passengers, all box seats, thus ensuring an uninterrupted view. The return fare, including morning tea and luncheon, is 19 shillings. Post Office and Telephone. Population, 21.

How little things have changed: you can still travel each day into Skippers, though the mode of transportation has slightly changed. The thing that hasn't changed is Skippers Canyon itself. Have a look at the following picture which shows the exact place as shown on the postcard above:

Skippers Canyon - a truly remarkable place! Make sure you visit it.

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