Thursday, 18 March 2010

Taffic Jams in Skippers Canyon

Just a few days ago, we heart someone say, that they would not like to go into Skippers Canyon due to the traffic jams in there. We would like to clarify this.

There are basically no traffic jams in the canyon. It is true though, that there are several operators who offer either sightseeing or other tours into Skippers but this traffic most certainly does not culminate in traffic jams.

All commercial operators know this area very well - it is their office at the end of the day! They all know where the best passing bays are and they all know the rule 'give way to uphill traffic'. So there is basically nothing to be worried about.

The last traffic jam we experienced was during the time as Skippers Bridge was repaired. No major work was needed and the bridge was and still is absolutely stable and save to be crossed. The 'traffic jam' (if we can even call it that way) would create a waiting time for us for up to 20 minutes. During this time, the workers who were doing the repairs could move their gear and let us pass. Those repairs are completed now and as a matter of fact where quite interesting to observe.

It is true, too that a lot of traffic took place in Skippers at the time where Queenstown was not so commercially advanced as it is now. Quite some years ago, visitors to Queenstown could only enjoy the Earnslaw Steamer over Lake Wakatipu, take the gondola up the hill or travel into Skippers. But nowadays, visitors have plenty of activities to choose from and a tour into Skippers Canyon is only 1 option.

Particularly if you choose to travel with us on an afternoon tour, your chances are high that we are the only ones in the canyon - this is how the traffic decreased over the years. We actually quite like it this way as it enables us to let you, our customers, fully enjoy this unique area at your own pace.

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