Monday, 11 October 2010

A different kind of adventure or an unforgettable activity

What kind of adventure is it then, a visit to Skippers Canyon? That's very easy to answer: a different one. Let me explain this a little further:

Skippers Canyon is simply a beautiful area - a scenic goldmine. But before that, it was and still is a real goldmine and many goldminers tried their luck finding a fortune. Some did, but many were left with the attempt of trying. But never mind.

On our tour 'Unforgettable Skippers Canyon' you can enjoy this historic and scenic are at a leisurely pace. We take you all the way in to Skippers township which will be reached after round about 2 hours after the departure from Queenstown. Now this might sound very long, but in fact it isn't. The distance from Queenstown to Skippers Point is approximately 30 km. We take about 2 hours to travel this distance because we stop very often for photos - that is, we invite you as our guest to step out of the comfortable minibus and give your photo camera a little workout.

All the way into Skippers, our Driver/Guides will comment of the things you can see. You will see of course the landscape... but there a other things to appreciate, like special rock formations, old huts that are still visible, remains of the goldmining era, but we point out as well how Skippers Canyon came about to exist.

As soon as we reach Skippers Point, you will have the opportunity to visit the old schoolhouse. This restored historic relic is managed by the Department of Conservation and showcases the life in Skippers back then, about 100 years ago. I have to say, it is very impressive...

Skippers Point is also our picnic stop. While you go back in time (at least for 1 moment) we prepare some refreshments. Enjoy the home-made cheese and the sweet biscuits along with a coffee or tea. This picnic stop lasts for about 30 to 40 minutes before we head back the same way we came in - on Skippers Road.

We reach Queenstown after round about 4 to 4,5 hours. You can choose to join our unforgettable Skippers Canyon tour in the morning or in the afternoon. If you think that 4 hours is a bit long, because you want to do other activities in Queenstown, then why don't you join our 3 hours tour 'Skippers Canyon Vista'? It is basically the same tour as the 4 hours one, but excludes the picnic.

A visit to Skippers Canyon is certainly something worth while doing if you enjoy taking pictures, love the outdoors and try to stay away from the crowds.

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