Thursday, 14 October 2010

Skippers Tour is Worth a One-Day Visit to Queenstown

It is Spring here in Queenstown. The mountains are still covered by snow and the temperatures start to finally climb into double digits. It is simply stunning and gorgeous.

Some nights are still very cold and snow fall still happens. This is particularly nice for our morning tours. The other day, we picked up a small group of Australians. They came from Sydney and joint our 4 hours Skippers Canyon tour.

On top of Skippers Saddle, we had a short stop. Our customers loved the snow so much that we engaged in a snowball fight. After this, we built a small snowman... We simply had fun - a lot of it.

Just before we concluded this extraordinary experience, one of our guests told us, that he will definitely be back. He said, that this tour is even worth a quick dash from Sydney. He mentioned, that he would love to come back just for this experience and do only the Skippers Canyon tour.

This is certainly possible now that Queenstown is an international airport. Several airlines offer direct flights from Sydney to Queenstown. In about 3,5 hours you will be here. Whether you visit our lovely mountain resort just for 1 day or quickly over the weekend, a visit to Skippers is certainly worth your time.

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