Sunday, 31 October 2010

Travel times and travel speed on Skippers Road, Queenstown

Skippers Canyon is about 30 km away from Queenstown. It is the back country and only accessible with 4WD vehicles - this is a recommendation anyway. Rental cars are not allowed to travel on Skippers Road as the insurance will not cover any possible damages done to the car while travelling through Skippers Canyon.

Skippers Road is a Public road, maintained by the Queenstown Lakes District Council. The speed limit is 100 km per hour - this is the theory. In practice, you would normally travel with a speed of about 30 to 40 km per hour - and that's a recommendation. If you travel with your own car on this windy and unsealed Skippers Road, you will need to make your own decision of course about how fast you choose to travel. Be however always prepared to stop as all traffic is travelling on this very same, narrow road.

Passing maneuvers on Skippers Road are only possible at passing bays. If you are not an experienced mountain road driver, your best bet to visit Skippers Canyon would be to choose an operator like us to take you in there.

On our tours, you will literally sit back and relax, enjoy the stunning scenery, step out of the comfortable 4WD minibus to take pictures and even go for short walks - if you feel like it.

If you decide to travel by yourself into the canyon, it might take you approx 1,5 hours to reach Skippers Point. You will start in Queenstown, drive past Arthurs Point and up the road to Coronet Peak. Turn left just short of the Coronet Peak Ski fields.

Enjoy the ride!

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