Monday, 15 November 2010

Forever Young in Skippers Canyon Queenstown

There was that lovely Lady joining our unforgettable Skippers Canyon tour a couple of days ago. She is over 90 years old and enjoyed this scenic attraction very much. She did in fact entertain the entire minibus; all other passengers were full of praise for this young-at-heart-Lady. She shared some of her experiences of life and even made jokes about herself.

The one thing that impressed us very much was (and it still is) how well she copes with all the changes that happened in her long life. Let me just share with you 1 example: some of our customers pay the tour fare while we are in Skippers Canyon. The customers either pay by cash or credit card. If payment is done by credit card, we use our EFTPOS terminal. Customers can either sign their receipts or enter their PIN. Some of our customers like to sign as remembering the PIN is not their thing to do, but not this lovely Lady!

She would follow our Queenstown local Driver/Guide step by step as he prepared the credit card payment. She then entered her PIN and wanted to know where to press to confirm her entry. Very impressive!

Some of her memories that she shared was that she very vividly remembers when people used to travel in coaches - not our flashing comfortable 4WD minibuses, but carriages that were moved by real horse-power. And now imagine that those carriages were on Skippers Road...

What a pleasure it was to have this Lady on board - we enjoyed her company as much as she enjoyed Skippers Canyon.

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