Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Skippers Bridge will be closed

Skippers Bridge is a historic building which needs to be maintained regularly in order to enable visitors to drive safely over it. Queenstown Council will be closing the bridge on 24./25./26. February 2010 in order to do some repair and maintenance work.

What does this mean to the visitors? We believe you will not miss out on very much. You will only be stopped to visit Skippers Point as this little township can only be reached by crossing the bridge and drive a little bit further up the hill. As the bridge will be closed, the first leg of your journey into Skippers Canyon will end at the bridge.

On our unforgettable Skippers Canyon Tour, you will have even more opportunities to take pictures and do short walks on the mountain road during those 3 days because the tour will be a little bit shorter than usual.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Take a picture of everything that moves

Let's be honest: people come to visit New Zealand because they know it is a beautiful country. Queenstown is not exception to this rule and Skippers Canyon - in the back-country of Queenstown - is truly a unique and breathtaking site.

Nowadays, the majority of customers have digital cameras with memory sticks. What a blessing this digital age is! Endless pictures can be taken and if needed by erased again if storage space on those sticks is getting low.

We had customers on board who took about 200 pictures of the canyon. We are always quite impressed by the passion of our guest who must have truly loved Skippers Canyon.

So here is our advise: if you visit Skippers with us, please make sure you either take your laptop with you to copy your pictures, or you have a CD burnt regularly with your pictures at one of the Photo Shops in town or your simply take plenty of those memory sticks with you - you never know how many pictures you are going to take.

Please enjoy!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

I never wanted this tour to end

A few days ago, we took some Queenstown visitors into Skippers Canyon. It was a lovely afternoon and we had so to say Skippers Canyon all to ourselves. It was just great! We took our time while travelling in our comfortable 4WD minibuses through this remarkable gorge. The air-condition made sure all passengers felt comfortable as the sun was smiling in full force, adding a unique color to all photos taken by our guest.

We passed Skippers Bridge and as usual let the customers walk over it. They enjoyed this sight very much as the Bridge is an astonishing historic monument of the goldmining era.

After reaching Skippers Point, the small group enjoyed the restored museum, the spectacular views while we prepared afternoon tea. The picnic table was decorated with a table cloth, the wine glasses as well as the coffee or tea mugs where put into place and the home-made cheese crackers were served.

The group enjoyed this setting very much. After a moment, a Lady spoke to our driver and said: "I wish this tour would never end".

What a lovely comment this was! We take such comments as a sign that our guest truly enjoy themselves and appreciate the area in Skippers Canyon. This is all we can ask for.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Skippers Canyon jetzt auch auf Deutsch

Wir duerfen zusehens mehr und mehr Besucher aus Deutschland, der Schweiz und Oesterreich in den Skippers Canyon 'entfuehren'. Von unseren deutsch-sprachigen Kunden erhalten wir im Grunde nur ein ganz kurzes, aber praegnantes Feedback: 'einfach phantastisch - so habe ich mir Neuseeland vorgestellt'.

Vor ein paar Wochen nahmen wir eine kleine Gruppe von 12 Personen in den Skippers Canyon. Die Gruppe verbrachte 2 Tage in Queenstown. Neben einer kleinen Wanderung auf einen Gipfel bei Queenstown besuchten sie mit uns den Skippers Canyon. 'A' und 'O' waren die meistgehoerten Aeusserungen der Bewunderung des wunderschoenen Canyons.

Einige der Besucher hatten nach der Haelfte unserer 4 Stundentour die Herausforderung zu loesen, keinen Speicherplatz mehr auf ihrer Karte im Photoapparat zu haben. Nehmen Sie also bitte genuegend Reserve mit, wenn Sie uns begleiten.

Folgenden Ausdruck der Zufriedenheit eines unserer Kunden moechte ich gerne teilen. Wir waren am Picknicksort angekommen und die Gruppe konnte einige Erfrischungen und die selbstgemachten Kaesehappen geniessen. Dieser Herr kam zu uns und meinte: "Hier fahren wir ja von einem visuellen Hoehepunkt zum anderen - ich habe mir den Canyon nicht so wunderschoen vorgestellt'.

Dazu koennen wir auch nur eines sagen: Besten Dank!
Queenstown Heritage Tours auf deutsch

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

A memory I hold for the future

After the long Holiday Break, I come back to you all to inform you about some further feedback we received during the last weeks.
The following statement reached us in January 2010. The Lady who joined us has some family connections to some of the people who used to live in Skippers Point. She asked us if we could take her into the canyon and help her reconnect.

This is what she had to say after the tour:
"Our guide was absolutely wonderful - he asked about our reasons for doing the tour and when he found out that we had a family connection - he really brought his local history skills to the fore - he certainly knows his stuff - all credit to the staff selection methodology of your company. As well as our driver's excellent service - who could not be impressed with the grandeur of the scenery and think about how intrepid those early settlers were! The wine and afternoon tea were lovely and I think your tour was very worthwhile. It will definitely be a memory I hold for the future - all credit to our driver. Best regards."

The Lady joined our unforgettable Skippers Canyon tour.

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