Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Our Hearts and Thoughts are in Christchurch

We are shocked and devastated about the damage that was caused by the Earthquake yesterday in Christchurch. But most of all, we are shocked and very sad about the loss of some many lives...

Words can hardly express what the entire team of Queenstown Heritage Tours feels. Even though we experienced this earthquake from a save distance, some of us could in fact feel the shaking yesterday during lunch time. The fright that we got here in Queenstown is definitely nothing compared to what every single person in Christchurch must have felt - simply terrifying.

Many of us have family and friends up North, but luckily, they are all well.
We can hardly comprehend that life needs to go on - it certainly did for us today. It saddens us to see the damage that was created in Christchurch and I personally wonder how on earth can something good come out of this terrible event?

We watch from a distance and feel helpless. All we can do is financially support those in need in Christchurch. And this is exactly what we did today: we donated our profit earned today to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal and we encourage everyone who reads this entry to do the same.
WestPac Account No: 03 0207 0617331 000 - Christchurch Earthquake Appeal.

Our thoughts and hearts are with all those who suffered the loss of a loved one - it's so not fair...

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