Saturday, 12 February 2011

Your 4-L Queenstown Attraction: you will LOVE this Unforgettable Skippers Canyon Tour

You might wonder why I know that you will LOVE our Unforgettable Skippers Canyon tour. That is a fair thought and certainly one that can only be answered without a doubt if you were to come to Queenstown, New Zealand and join our 4 hour unforgettable Skippers Canyon tour.

But let me explain why I already know that you will love our service: because customers who joined the tour told us that they did. And here is what they loved the most:

  • the scenery of the canyon. It is true that we did not create the canyon for you, but we are passionate to guide you through it.
  • the comfort of our minibuses. All our vehicles are especially designed and equipped for sightseeing tours. Some of the features are an air-con that will keep you cool in Summer and generates warmth in Spring and Autumn. It will even keep the windows clear and secures uninterrupted views. The on-board fridge and cupboard which enables us to offer you a lovely picnic at Skippers Point regularly impresses.
  • a short walk through this living history. We invite our visitors to talk a short stroll and experience Skippers Canyon at their own pace.
  • the passion and the knowledge our team shares with each visitor. Even we simply love to go into Skippers Canyon, enjoy this unique area and spend a half day with people who share our passion for it.
As said, those are comments which we received from our customers who already did it. You will need to experience this unforgettable Skippers Canyon tour for yourself to judge if all that is written here, is indeed true.

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