Sunday, 20 February 2011

Your 4-L Queenstown Attraction: you will LAUGH in Skippers Caynon

Isn't it important that the atmosphere is good in a small minibus that takes you into the back country of Queenstown? Imagine you would go on a sightseeing tour, expecting a great experience and all you receive is a drive on Skippers Road, stop at Skippers Point and hear in the meantime some facts-based comments about the historic background of Skippers Canyon. This does not sound like fun...

Our customers regularly comment about the good and funny atmosphere in our minibuses. We can engage you in our tours. How do we do this? We let you ask questions and we answer them as best as we can.

We do as well explain how decisions were made by the Goldminers, like a decision of one Skippers local who's Lady wanted to live closer to Queenstown but they did not want to leave Skippers Canyon. They moved about 1 km closer to Queenstown, but still about an hour's drive away. On our tours, you will drive by both houses and I am sure, when you see the locations, you will definitely have a smile on your face.

Other laughs come out if we happen to observe sheep mastering in the canyon. Our customers mainly love to see how the dogs are working. Usually, everyone is quite impressed and enjoys this real-time Kiwi experience very much.

You will most likely laugh about the expertise of our Driver/Guides. Skippers Road is an unsealed road and offers plenty of thrills along the way. Some of our guests laugh about their own jokes like 'please keep on driving on the road...' We truly love it if our guests engage in the entertainment during the tour and it happens nearly every day. Our travelling speed is always adjusted to the area and safety is one of our major concerns - but still, jokes about our driving are allowed.

One of the best laughs you might have is about one of our comment when we could ask you to pay for the tour or hand over your voucher. We might say to you 'if you don't want to walk back from Skippers Point all the way to Queenstown, you'd better make sure we have your voucher or come and pay your fare'. Of course, we will never leave anyone behind, it is after all only a joke, but usually our guests have a smile on their face - we are sure you will have one, too.

Let's face it, you are on holidays and we are here to entertain you to our best abilities. So come on and share a little fun and some laughs with us on one of Queenstown's attractions.

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