Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Your 4-L Queenstown Attraction: you will LEARN in Skippers Canyon

You might wonder "what is there so special to learn about Skippers Canyon?" Good point... Let me see:

  • You will learn a bit about the historic background of Skippers Canyon. Gold was and is still found in this breathtaking gorge. We will share with you what we know about this unique historic past.
  • You will learn more about how the area has changed over time. For example, we know about stories reported by school children from Skippers that there were hardly any trees in Skippers Canyon. If you travel today, this fact is difficult to image. Come and see for yourself.
  • You will learn a bit more about how this canyon was formed. The geology is in fact very interesting.
But enough about us and what we can share with you so that you learn more about our beautiful Skippers Canyon. Just the other day, we had a small group joining us in the afternoon. We were very lucky to have a Geologist on board who saw things that even we did not notice so far - the eye of the expert, no doubt - and we could learn more about Skippers by listening to his comments. Those comments were appreciated by the entire group and believe me, by us as well.

This is the beauty of our work. We learn more every day, like why our guests joined us, why they are here and what they appreciate the most. We learn that our tour convinces even those travelers who usually don't like to travel in organized groups, but simply loved the schedule of our trip and how we explain facts.

One of our goals is to enable you to learn something about this unique place called Skippers Canyon - we believe this makes this half day tour truly unforgettable.We invite you to see for yourself whether we succeed in it.

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