Monday, 18 April 2011

Real Gold found in Skippers Canyon Queenstown

Skippers Canyon in the back country of Queenstown, New Zealand is undoubtedly famous for the gold rush that took place in the late 1800s. Thousands of gold miners flocked to this area to find their luck - some succeeded but many were left trying, getting richer only in experience.

Some people might think that the gold rush belongs to the past of Skippers Canyon - those days are over. It is definitely true that there are very few people left who still maintain a claim in Skippers. Which basically means that gold can still be found in Skippers Canyon.

Just recently, we met one of those gold miners in the canyon. While on tour with some customers, we stopped to talk to him. Our customers genuinely appreciated this opportunity and quizzed him about his success in finding gold. He was happy to let us know that he found several little flakes of gold.

I personally don't know much about the hard work of gold panning, but I know that it is a very lengthy process that requires a lot of passion and patience. If you are lucky to find a resourceful claim, you are fortunate in every sense of the word but those claims are not indicated by a sign or something like it and luck still plays an important role. This suspicion was confirmed by the gold miner.

After a while, we had to continue our encounter with the historical places in Skippers Canyon. But before we left, we bought some of those gold flakes. For us, those flakes are a timeless remainder that Skippers Canyon is a true gold mine. It is very precious to the gold miners who still try and in fact do find their luck, for us as a sightseeing tour operator who loves to share this remarkable area with our visitors and for you people out there who wish to experience something different.

And who knows, maybe you will meet a gold miner in Skippers Canyon while travelling with us and you might be able to buy a very special souvenir.

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