Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Your 4 L Queenstown Attraction: experience LIFE in Skippers Canyon

Skippers Canyon in Queenstown's backcountry is without a doubt famous for its gold rush history. Gold was found in sheer abundance and thousands of fortune seekers flocked to this beautiful area. They learned how to live with this rough teacher called nature and flourished. They erected schools and small towns in the middle of nowhere which we call today Skippers Point.

Today, we still can observe this legacy that was brought to us by the gold miners. Queenstown - which they said is 'worth a Queen', hence the name Queenstown - flourished on the back of the gold rush and Skippers Canyon became one of the most popular Queenstown tourist Queenstown tourist attractions. Visitors to our stunning area can literally tap into this life that the gold miners had. Today, on our unforgettable Skippers Canyon tour, you can visit the restored Homestead, imagine how the women cooked the meal, how cold it must have been in winter and read how children experienced their life in Skippers Point.

Life changed this area. One very good example are the trees that cover this rugged area. Some of our visitors joined our tour a couple of years ago and are amazed by the change. Some of our guests tell us that they visited Skippers Point as a child and they can hardly believe how this area has changed.

Skippers Canyon is very much alive. It is a goldmine of life experiences which wait for you to be explored.

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