Sunday, 1 May 2011

Behind the Scenes: Skippers Canyon tour preparation

While our customers give us feedback about how they experienced the unforgettable Skippers Canyon tour, our work is not over with the drop off. In fact, it starts with the preparation of the tour.

We assemble about 30 minutes before departure or pick up of the customers. We load the minibuses with the mugs and glasses, we prepare the sweet biscuits and put them on the respective tray and put a good size cheese ball into a jar. Next, we put the Trash Can and the serving trays into a minibus and add some wine and milk bottles.

We make sure that all windows are clean, that all our drivers know where to pick up how many passengers and then... off we go.

The tours are conducted according to the personal touch of each particular driver but in general, we follow the same rules: we like to give our customers the best time we possibly can - the feedback received so far confirms that we seem to do a good job!

After drop off, which can be anywhere in Queenstown or at the customer's accommodation, we return to our unit and clean the minibus. We consider our environment and clean the bus only with a water blaster. We then dry the windows and the carrosserie of the minibus, empty the back and put the dirty mugs and glasses into the dishwasher.

If one driver is finished with his cleaning he usually helps another one so that we all can pack up and enjoy the rest of the day a little bit earlier. While helping each other, the team exchanges their experiences and shares some feedback received with each other.

I always love it when the team comes back from a tour and I can see their happiness in their eyes. It fills me with pride to learn that our team enjoys the tour as much as the customers do - I know that they are passionate about Skippers Canyon and they love to share this passion with you - our visitors!

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