Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Behind the Scenes: we prepare to showcase at TRENZ 2011

TRENZ or Tourism Industry Rendezvous New Zealand is organized yearly by the Tourism Industry Association New Zealand or TIANZ.

TRENZ is an international meeting where Buyers from all over the world travel to our little paradise to reconnect with their New Zealand Suppliers or start new business relationships. This rendezvous always takes place during the Autumn shoulder season and this year it will take place in Queenstown.

Next to the regular meetings, this year's TRENZ organizes some familiarization tours for suppliers. Those tours can help suppliers to experience first-hand what the suppliers do talk about.

Queenstown Heritage Tours participates for the second time at TRENZ. Last time, we joined this rendezvous 2 years ago and concluded the meeting with success. New business relationships could be initiated and existing ones were fostered.

It might appear that attending such a meeting is 'just talking' to people and easy to do. In theory, this is true. In practice, such a 3 day activity is work: preparing the pre-scheduled meetings which means to contact all preferred buyers to come and see us, preparing the documentation that is to be handed out at TRENZ, organizing who should attend and how the booth is staffed. The next preparation would be the marketing material, like banner stands, business cards, brochures and company documentation - all has to be created or at least checked if it is still up-to-date.

For our printing preparation, we use an online provider: Vista Print. This online provider creates a fantastic service for small businesses like ours.

And last but not least, after TRENZ, if needed some more information has to be sent out and information or negotiations have to be reconfirmed.

At the end of the day, TRENZ is something to look forward to. I like to meet new people and I truly like to get some rest as soon as TRENZ will be over.

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