Monday, 30 May 2011

There is a place called Paradise, but Skippers Canyon...

... is Heaven.

Isn't this a lovely comment? We could hardly believe what one of our customers told us after the 4 hours unforgettable Skippers Canyon tour the other day. They joined us quite spontaneously - just thought that they would like to have a decent tour into the back country of Queenstown. They heard about us from a friend who told them not to miss Skippers Canyon.

This verdict that Skippers is worth a trip was confirmed by the local I-Site here in Queenstown and so they called us and arranged their tour.

Those customers would stay for a couple of days in Queenstown, doing all sorts of activities from water to air and land adventures, like Skippers Canyon. They enjoyed and marveled at the majestic Doubtful Sound and loved Milford Sound, of course. But Skippers Canyon was - as they said - better than Paradise: it was Heaven!

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phuket holidays said...

The view is amazing. Skippers Canyon is a hidden gem and I would love to go trekking one day.

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