Sunday, 23 October 2011

New Zealand, the South Island, Queenstown and Rugby

It is official: the All Blacks won the Rugby World Cup! This is not a small thing to do, considering that it took 24 years to repeat this success. They did it though yesterday - we did it! - and the entire Nation of New Zealand celebrated a glorious win over France.

The last 6 weeks were more or less Rugby World Cup oriented. Now it's over and it seems that nearly everything is back to normal. Nearly...

Skippers Road, Mount Aurum in the Back
Queenstown is gearing up for Spring which has finally arrived in our beautiful mountain resort. The trees are getting green again, the temperatures truly rise and create an invigorating climate that brings a smile on every single face.

And the Daffodils are out. This lovely flour is believed to be a symbol of unrequited love - what a cold description. Daffodils are a family member of the Narcissus plants. Apparently, in Western countries they are perceived as a symbol of vanity, in the East though as a symbol of wealth and good fortune. Me personally, I like the Eastern notion as it is absolutely true that we are blessed with the natural beauty of the South Island, but especially with the area of Queenstown.
Daffodils in Skippers Cemetery

The goldminers back in the early 1900s certainly found their wealth and it is only fair that the Daffodils grace some of their last resting places in Skippers Canyon.

The year 2011 was a difficult year for New Zealand: the earthquake, the mining tragedy and now the oil spills. Those shattering incidents did weigh heavily on New Zealand's awareness. But yesterday, all Daffodils veraciously brought good fortune to our Nation: we won the Rugby World Cup!

As said before, nearly everything is back to normal. The 1 thing that has changed since yesterday is having smiling faces everywhere, true happiness and clearly visible excitement and anticipation of the things to come. We New Zealanders -whether Native or immigrated - are truly blessed with good fortune.

There is only 1 thing left to say to all you people out there: WISH YOU WERE HERE!

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