Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Photo Camera Competition in Skippers Canyon

It was just yesterday that we had our very own photo camera competition in Skippers Canyon near Queenstown, New Zealand.

We hosted a small group. They came to our little paradise from Ireland and from Australia. Of course, the group had to discuss the current developments at the Rugby World Cup and which chance their teams have to play in the finals. We are naturally convinced that our New Zealand team - the All Blacks - will win, so we let the group have their little teasing and friendly rivalries. It was all good fun, though!

In between those discussions, we invited the group to step out of the minibus and experience Skippers Canyon up close and personal. They all had their photo cameras with them and after a while the discussion started, who would have the best of them all.

The one thing that the cameras had in common was that they were digital; but that was about it: one had a huge lens in the front which could be taken off, the other had a wide angle perspective as an option, the next could record movies...

We are not quite sure if all those fancy features were used. But we observed that the cameras were frequently in action. We could observe as well that all camera owners had plenty of storage devices with them - and that was a very good thing!

At the end of the tour, all cameras did exactly what they were supposed to do: secure their owners numerous great and unique shots of Skippers Canyon. We are sure that those captured memories will amaze their families and friends at home.

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