Thursday, 10 November 2011

More than just 1 click

Spring is definitely here in Queenstown. The days are getting warmer - at least the majority of them - and a sightseeing tour into Skippers Canyon is on several cards of Queenstown visitors.

Just the other day, we took a couple of Americans into this wonderland which is located in the backcountry of Queenstown. We spent 3 hours in the canyon and had a fabulous time.

The customers joined our Skippers Canyon Vista tour because we promise to stop 'on demand' for photos. Apparently, we kept the promise as the Lady-Visitor repeatedly asked for stops which we did (...when ever it was save to do so).

After a while, we asked her how many pictures she took. Her answer was swift and enthusiastic: "about 200..."

Now let me bring this number into perspective. Our Vista tour takes about 180 minutes. We travel from Queenstown to Skippers Canyon in about 15 minutes. This leaves around 150 minutes in the canyon. This in return means that the Lady-Visitor took nearly 2 pictures every minute - that's simply fantastic!

What a unique and special homage to Skippers Canyon and its features. Our visitors are sure to take home some lasting memories and great impressions of Queenstown's backountry.

When are you coming and visit with us Skippers Canyon?

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