Monday, 19 December 2011

Gold in Skippers Canyon: Star Dust or Santa was in Queenstown

Have you already heard of the theory that gold is an alien substance? No? Just recently, we got confirmation from one of our clients that gold originally did not exist on our planet but was brought to us by... Santa :-)

Well seriously: our client was a well travelled and obviously well educated gentleman. His suggestion was that gold was formed through a supernova and therefore was brought to our planet long before we humans even walked on earth. Is this theory true?

An intriguing question, don't you think? We already heard some theories that this actually might be true, so we did a little bit of research and found in a nut shell the following:

It is still not quite clear how exactly gold was or is created. Some suggest that
  • MHD Jets
  • Quark—Nova  
  • Neutron Star Mergers 
  • Collapsar  
  • Supernova itself 
COULD be the origin of our gold we find on our planet. Interesting. But what does this all mean? We found some understandable descriptions here on the web site of San Jose Astronomical Association. Have a read for yourself... it is in fact quite intriguing!

At the end of the day, gold is a product of some reactions, triggered by big things, like a supernova - at least bigger that we can think. It was created many, many, many, many years ago and fascinated humans at the time it was discovered here in Queenstown, in Skippers Canyon around 1862. Gold can still be found in Skippers Canyon (and we own proof of this...) - Goldminers still find the little glistering, shiny flakes in the waters of the mighty Shotover River. Gold seems to be out of this world but still fascinates us humans to this very day.

In any event, gold exists and we value it - in one way or the other. The theories (or shall we say truths) about how exactly gold was created might be a little bit difficult to understand for us normal human beings. But we can believe in a fairytale that Santa did in fact bring us this precious metal accompanied by all the little mysteries that we humans still have to discover.

Merry Christmas to all of you! We trust that you will spend some golden moments with your family and friends.

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