Monday, 28 February 2011

There are some things...

... you just simply can't control.

After last week's earthquake in Christchurch, I believe everyone understands that some things are completely out of our control. Here in New Zealand, we live in 'Little Paradise' - we observe the worlds latest creation of natural beauty and we truly love it!

New Zealand is a beautiful country. Some say, you can literally walk through 1 single National Park, even North and South Island are different and unique in itself - every Island of our unforgettable Aotearoa is worth your time and your holidays.

Just think about this: if those earthquakes would not happen and they never would have happened in the past, we most likely did not have New Zealand as this treasure as it is now. It is true, too, that nature is cruel - very cruel so - at times. I strongly believe that the best way to help Christchurch and New Zealand is to come and visit our country. It is safe for you to travel through New Zealand and your time spend here will stay with you forever - that's a promise!

Today, exactly 1 week after the earthquake at 12.51pm, we stopped our tours into Skippers Canyon for 2 minutes. We joined the national movement to remember those who lost their lives so tragically 7 days ago. All out guests welcomed this gesture very much and we truly believe that this experience will stay with them - not as a negative memory but as a strong sign that this nation stands together in moments where darkness surrounds us.

The observant reader of our blog and our website might know that I am not a born Kiwi, neither is my husband. We are European and chose this country as our new adopted home. We love New Zealand for it's natural beauty, for the people that live here and we love to share this remarkable and truly unforgettable place with all our visitors. We invite you to come and visit us, come and see for yourself how New Zealand is, experience this living creation of our planet and please don't be scared - you are not alone here!

Our hearts and prayers still go out to all those families who lost a loved one...

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Our Hearts and Thoughts are in Christchurch

We are shocked and devastated about the damage that was caused by the Earthquake yesterday in Christchurch. But most of all, we are shocked and very sad about the loss of some many lives...

Words can hardly express what the entire team of Queenstown Heritage Tours feels. Even though we experienced this earthquake from a save distance, some of us could in fact feel the shaking yesterday during lunch time. The fright that we got here in Queenstown is definitely nothing compared to what every single person in Christchurch must have felt - simply terrifying.

Many of us have family and friends up North, but luckily, they are all well.
We can hardly comprehend that life needs to go on - it certainly did for us today. It saddens us to see the damage that was created in Christchurch and I personally wonder how on earth can something good come out of this terrible event?

We watch from a distance and feel helpless. All we can do is financially support those in need in Christchurch. And this is exactly what we did today: we donated our profit earned today to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal and we encourage everyone who reads this entry to do the same.
WestPac Account No: 03 0207 0617331 000 - Christchurch Earthquake Appeal.

Our thoughts and hearts are with all those who suffered the loss of a loved one - it's so not fair...

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Your 4-L Queenstown Attraction: you will LAUGH in Skippers Caynon

Isn't it important that the atmosphere is good in a small minibus that takes you into the back country of Queenstown? Imagine you would go on a sightseeing tour, expecting a great experience and all you receive is a drive on Skippers Road, stop at Skippers Point and hear in the meantime some facts-based comments about the historic background of Skippers Canyon. This does not sound like fun...

Our customers regularly comment about the good and funny atmosphere in our minibuses. We can engage you in our tours. How do we do this? We let you ask questions and we answer them as best as we can.

We do as well explain how decisions were made by the Goldminers, like a decision of one Skippers local who's Lady wanted to live closer to Queenstown but they did not want to leave Skippers Canyon. They moved about 1 km closer to Queenstown, but still about an hour's drive away. On our tours, you will drive by both houses and I am sure, when you see the locations, you will definitely have a smile on your face.

Other laughs come out if we happen to observe sheep mastering in the canyon. Our customers mainly love to see how the dogs are working. Usually, everyone is quite impressed and enjoys this real-time Kiwi experience very much.

You will most likely laugh about the expertise of our Driver/Guides. Skippers Road is an unsealed road and offers plenty of thrills along the way. Some of our guests laugh about their own jokes like 'please keep on driving on the road...' We truly love it if our guests engage in the entertainment during the tour and it happens nearly every day. Our travelling speed is always adjusted to the area and safety is one of our major concerns - but still, jokes about our driving are allowed.

One of the best laughs you might have is about one of our comment when we could ask you to pay for the tour or hand over your voucher. We might say to you 'if you don't want to walk back from Skippers Point all the way to Queenstown, you'd better make sure we have your voucher or come and pay your fare'. Of course, we will never leave anyone behind, it is after all only a joke, but usually our guests have a smile on their face - we are sure you will have one, too.

Let's face it, you are on holidays and we are here to entertain you to our best abilities. So come on and share a little fun and some laughs with us on one of Queenstown's attractions.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Your 4-L Queenstown Attraction: you will LOVE this Unforgettable Skippers Canyon Tour

You might wonder why I know that you will LOVE our Unforgettable Skippers Canyon tour. That is a fair thought and certainly one that can only be answered without a doubt if you were to come to Queenstown, New Zealand and join our 4 hour unforgettable Skippers Canyon tour.

But let me explain why I already know that you will love our service: because customers who joined the tour told us that they did. And here is what they loved the most:

  • the scenery of the canyon. It is true that we did not create the canyon for you, but we are passionate to guide you through it.
  • the comfort of our minibuses. All our vehicles are especially designed and equipped for sightseeing tours. Some of the features are an air-con that will keep you cool in Summer and generates warmth in Spring and Autumn. It will even keep the windows clear and secures uninterrupted views. The on-board fridge and cupboard which enables us to offer you a lovely picnic at Skippers Point regularly impresses.
  • a short walk through this living history. We invite our visitors to talk a short stroll and experience Skippers Canyon at their own pace.
  • the passion and the knowledge our team shares with each visitor. Even we simply love to go into Skippers Canyon, enjoy this unique area and spend a half day with people who share our passion for it.
As said, those are comments which we received from our customers who already did it. You will need to experience this unforgettable Skippers Canyon tour for yourself to judge if all that is written here, is indeed true.

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