Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Skippers Canyon - one of those Queenstown tours for boys only

Yes, you got that right: it just happened the other day and I endeavor to tell you exactly how it came about that we discovered that our unforgettable Skippers Canyon tour is for boys only. Here we go:

We hosted a small group of 6 passengers. They booked their tour through their travel agent a couple of days earlier. So far so got. We went to pick them up at their Queenstown hotel, we seated them in our comfortable 4WD minibus and off we went into Skippers Canyon.

We had the usual tour on the way in: several photo stops, some short walks in particular over Skippers Bridge and we prepared morning tea while our guests marveled at the historical attraction called Skippers Point.

After a while, the entire group returned to our picnic spot and we had a little chat - like you have it. And then it happened! We asked two friends who knew each other for many, many years, where they would come from and why they joined our tour. They explained that they were retired farmers from Australia and that they joined the tour because they were intrigued by the promise of a beautiful scenery and the comfort of the 4WD minibus. We continued asking why their wifes did not come and they replied "our wifes thought this was a tour for boys only and that they would rather join the Shotover Jetboat..."

So there you have it! And what did we learn from this feedback? Firstly: we learned that their wifes thought that our Skippers Canyon tour would take them on a true 4WD course with endless amounts of bumps to overcome. In fact, Skippers Road is an unsealed mountain road, that's true. There are some bumps on this road, that's true, too. But...

...and that would be our second lesson: bumpy is not the same as bumpy...

I believe I can conclude this story like this: if you think that a sightseeing tour where retired farmers feel like home is not for you, please take a minute and think about it - it is in fact a little bit more bumpier on a Jetboat...

We had the chance to talk to the couples briefly later on this day. Both parties enjoyed their Queenstown experiences very much and that is the most important conclusion at all!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

How to build a Snow Man in Skippers Canyon, Queenstown

Haven't you always wondered how to build a snow man in Skippers Canyon? No? ... Yes? :-)

For some of you travelers out there, this question might be a little bit odd. For other travelers however, this little hint could trigger a decision to embark on a very special journey.

So here is your 'how to guide':
  1. Plan your next (or your first) visit to New Zealand - Queenstown in Spring or Autumn. Only during those seasons you will have the chance to enjoy some warmer climate in our mountain resort and still have the opportunity to meet Mr. Snow on the mountains.
  2. Plan a visit to Queenstown for a couple of days. Book a nice hotel online and 
  3. make your confirmed booking with us for the 'unforgettable Skippers Canyon tour'. Book a morning tour and bring your family and/or friends along - it's more fun...
  4. On the day of your special encounter with Skippers Canyon, get up early, eat breakfast and wait for us in the lobby. We will pick you up.
  5. then, enjoy the ride up to Coronet Peak and up to Skippers Saddle. There (if you book your tour on the right day) you will meet Mr. Snow for the first time. 
  6. indulge in the beauty of the canyon. This outstanding natural landscape will surely impress you all the way to Skippers Point where you will enjoy morning tea. 
  7. Here at the very latest, you will have time to build your own snow man. Your driver/guide will assist you regarding forming the snow properly. This can be a bit tricky if the snow is powdery or slushy but you will get there. 
  8. Don't forget to bring your camera and take THE proof picture.
Unfortunately, you will not be able to take your snow man with you as a souvenir. Your proof picture will have to carry this burden for you.

If you would like to know how long it will take you to create your snow man then please let me inform you that it will take only a couple of minute and it certainly is a lot of fun - at least this is what our customers told us just a couple of days ago. 

Not convinced yet that our Skippers Canyon tour is one for you? Have a look at some feedback others posted on TripAdvisor.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Queenstown Heritage Tours Confirmed as a High Quality Carbon Neutral Operation

We can proudly announce today that we are again confirmed as a high quality company that operates carbon neutral.

During our last Qualmark assessment, we reached a score of 82% which represents our best result ever. Next to this, we received from Qualmark again their 'Enviro Silver' award for our contributions to the environment.

We partnered again with Carbonfund.org and offset all our carbon emission that we could not omit during the past 12 months.

Read here our press release for more information.

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