Friday, 13 January 2012

2012 Resolution, Carbon Neutral and Skippers Canyon

Are you still looking for a 2012 New Year's Resolution that fits you and is in fact achievable? Well: have you ever thought about making your next holiday a 'Carbon Neutral' one? Yes? Wonderful! Maybe I could share my thoughts with you...

First, you should know that my company's operation is carbon neutral. We offset our yearly CO2 emissions that we can not omit by donating funds to our business partner And here is how we do it:

For every tour that we perform during our season - which starts on September 1st and goes naturally until August 31th every year. We calculate how many kilometers we did, estimate how much rubbish we through away - you know, roughly; most of our rubbish, like tea bags and leftover biscuits or cheese are either put into our compost or we recycle the empty bottles and paper or cardboard. Everything else is put into the rubbish. Furthermore, we clean those used coffee mugs and wine glasses by washing them by the 'economical' dishwasher program. The dishwashers nowadays are truly set up to use only so much water that is in fact required. As a logical consequence, we note how much water we use every season for the dishwasher and for cleaning the minibuses after every tour.

As mentioned, we work together with our business partner We use their online calculator to find out how much CO2 we created. Or course, they offer several possibilities to offset the damage done. Have a look!

And then of course there is always the discussion about why we should offset the damage done AFTER we did it. It would be more efficient to omit doing anything that could cause damage to our planet in the first place. True! My entire team does not deny this. The only question for us remains that if we were to quit doing those things that do create CO2 emissions, then we would... stop doing what we do entirely. And to be honest with you... this is not what we want.

Having this point in mind, we choose to offset our created CO2 emissions every year and to be honest again, it does not cost a fortune. All it takes is a little bit of administrative work and our commitment to keep doing it.

And you know, there will be always someone who argues that all this discussion about CO2 emissions and the damage to the earth's ozone layer is not worth having. "It was always like this - the earth gets warmer and colder - that's a natural change'... Maybe... Who knows this for sure? All I know is that current facts show that our planet is getting warmer and that growing trees can offset this occurrence - at least a little.

I am happy though that I don't have to convince you about doing something about our environment, right? I say, if only every person would do a tiny little thing, we might change something for the better - don't you think?

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