Friday, 16 March 2012

150 Years Goldrush Anniversary

This coming November 2012 marks a unique milestone in the history of Skippers Canyon. It will be 150 years ago when gold was first found in the Shotover River at Arthur's Point. This site is named after Thomas Arthur who was the one who discovered the shine and precious metal.

And the goldrush was born. People flocked to this area now called Queenstown. The goldminers started their venture in 1862 and continued to digg for gold for nearly 40 years.

Today, Skippers Canyon is one of the areas where we still can see the impact of this goldrush. Next to the stunning natural beauty, Skippers Canyon remains nearly frozen in time, quietly showcasing all sorts of adventures.

This year's November will be special to us. Come and visit this goldmine of history, breathtaking landscapes and remote New-Zealandness.

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