Saturday, 21 April 2012

Skippers Canyon or when Words are not enough

I would like to share a comment which we frequently receive from some of our customers. They tell us that 'everyone' should have come on our unforgettable Skippers Canyon tour and that we should get the word out there far better that we currently do. We are glad to hear that as soon as our customers joined our Skippers tour they are hooked like we are - thanks so much! - but then, as soon as we ask them 'how exactly would you describe what you just saw and experienced?' the astonishing answer is usually 'I actually don't know - you truly have to see Skippers Canyon in order to understand what it's all about'.

Yeah, we know... sometimes words are hard or even impossible to find. And then there are the firm believers of the fact that a picture often says more than a thousand words. True, very much so - thank you for sharing!

Skippers Canyon seen from Maori Point Saddle

You may have guessed that we do ask our customers 'which picture of the canyon would you use as your 1 picture to portray this unique area?'. Would it astonish you to learn that the answer to this question is more or less the same as we already discussed? 'I actually would not know' is the conclusion.

Which picture IS the right one? The one that shows the entire beauty and diversity of Skippers Canyon? Which description should be added to the 1 picture so that everyone would understand immediately why Skippers is worth a visit?

I know... questions over questions - and answers are not easy to come by.

But then again: we can only share what we can offer and that is Skippers Canyon, its historic background, combined with some entertainment but most of all, free time to experience something unique. And this very last point, experience something unique, can only be done by every single traveler who decides to join us. We aim to let you feel our own passion for Skippers, we try to breathe some life into the area by talking about the goldminer's legacy. From what I understand from our customers, we do a pretty good job with this - at least so far.

But then again: YOU would be the judge of our success. And please be assured: I am dying to hear your thoughts...

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