Saturday, 7 April 2012

Skippers Canyon: when Theory meets Practice

Didn't we learn it all in school...? How ash and molten rock were stacked on layer upon layer upon layer, creating unique and mesmerizing stone formations, how glaciers carved out the details of nature's work or how canyons were created by those mighty rivers? Yes, yes... I know... it was in school and we heart it all. Back in those days, this was all theory and I have to confess, this information was a little bit out there - I was basically asking 'why is this important?'

Well: now that I am a little bit older and the manager for Queenstown Heritage Tours, those theories get a different meaning. Skippers Canyon and its natural beauty would not be here and would not be something my team and myself LOVE to share. For me - nowadays - theory meets practice.

This very same conclusion was shared with one of our customers who joined our unforgettable Skippers Canyon tour the other day. He told us that he is a retired teacher who used to tell his pupils exactly those stories: how ash and molten rock were stacked and how rivers would carve out this remarkable creation. He said 'here in Skippers Canyon, I can see what I used to teach'.

This is what we so love about our business and the work we do. We do not only share this stunning, breathtaking, unique and remarkable area with our customers (yeah, I know - I am still biased...:-) ) but we are truly blessed with our own once-in-a-lifetime experiences that our customers offer to us: sharing their stories and explaining why Skippers Canyon is special to them, too.

Thank you all for sharing!

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