Friday, 1 June 2012

Skippers Canyon in Queenstown New Zealand

Let's face it: if you decide to come and visit our living national park, officially called New Zealand - or in Maori Aotearoa - you definitely will travel to the following places:

  • Auckland. This might be your first port of call, so to say. Most flights will land in this little metropolis that (at least for me) resembles San Francisco: very unique, very cosmopolitan, very multi-cultural, simply very New Zealand.
  • Rotorua. You have to see our take on the Yellowstone National Park. Ok, ok... it is much smaller; very, very much smaller. But nonetheless, it bubbles, is smells like foul eggs and we (and only New Zealand...) have the Maori culture showcased very uniquely in Rotorua. You definitely have to experience a Hangi and see the Haka... 
  • Nature-Lovers won't want to miss Te Urewera National Park...just beautiful, just liberating, just uniquely New Zealand!
  • Wellington. Our capital - you have to see the Beehive! If you don't know what this is: it's the building where our politicians go to work - it's worth a look... And while you are in Wellington, visit 'Te Papa' which would be a museum that brings New Zealand closer to you - this is a must-see! believe me, well worth your time!
  • Now you will take the ferry to cross over to the South Island. Have fun on Cook Straight! Take the Interislander Ferry...
  • Kaikoura. You HAVE to see our whales and the dolphins - they are such a delight! I still remember when I first saw this whale grasping for air in front of our eyes, diving down again and showing off its fin. I took a picture, of course - but deleted it later by accident as I wanted to show off my own photographic talents... Make sure you keep your pictures!!! Just make sure you take plenty of sticks with you that can store your pictures.
  • Christchurch. You HAVE to see our biggest city on the South Island. I know, the earthquake had its fun but promised to pick on someone its one size in future. 
  • and finally Queenstown. Ah... Queenstown - adrenaline, Bungy Jumps, Jet boat, Rafting... Did you know, that you have 8 different Jet boats to choose from in the wider area of Queenstown? Are you aware that there are 3 options to do a Bungy Jump? Have you heart that there are 2 companies that offer River Rafting on 2 different rivers near Queenstown? No...? I just thought you might be interested in knowing this... 
Do you know what is truly unique to New Zealand? Do you know the attraction that you can only find once - meaning only 1 single area has the bragging rights for it? You guessed right: it's Queenstown. We have Skippers Canyon in our back drop. We, and only we, have this living history of goldmining heritage in our backyard and only in Queenstown you are able to join our unforgettable Skippers Canyon tour to experience this attraction that has been here for nearly 150 years.

So there you have it. Skippers Canyon is as unique to Queenstown as Wellington is to New Zealand - being our Capital, as the small geysers are to Rotorua and as the whales are to Kaikoura.

Which leaves only 1 thing for me to say: join our unforgettable Skippers Canyon tour to have an unforgettable experience in New Zealand!

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