Monday, 30 July 2012

Christchurch is on the Rise again

Kia Ora - Warm Welcome to our Winter Post of Queenstown Heritage Tours.

We first like to thank you to stay loyal to our subscription and to our updates during the past months and years. And of course we would like to give a warm WELCOME to all our new joiners, fans and followers that joined our little Skippers Canyon Community.

It is end of July 2012. It's winter and it's cold. But just today there were breaking news that truly warmed our hearts here on the South Island of New Zealand: the new rebuilding plans of Christchurch were released!

We had a good look at the presentation of this plan that will surely put Christchurch back on all those 'Bucket List Entries' of all you people out there. This new plan is just SPECTACULAR - Christchurch is on the rise and it will be even more shining, more green as the 'old' Garden City we so came to love and were used to enjoy.

Look - for all you readers out there who don't really understand the connection we Queenstown Locals have to Christchurch. New Zealand is made of 2 islands - the North and the South Island. The North Island is the place where you would most likely land with your airplane - I image you land in Auckland. You will like this city and the entire Island as it is steep in history, it has lash green lands and is home to more locals...

... yes, you will cross over from the North Island to the South Island by Ferry and then enter an entirely new world. You have to know that the South Island is twice as big as the North but only has about half the locals living there. Here on the South Island you will enjoy pure nature, pure landscapes - simply - pure New Zealand.

Christchurch would be one of your stops travelling through the South Island. This city is our biggest city on the south end of Aotearoa. It is home for about 300'000 locals ( yeah... go ahead and laugh... :-)) This is our BIG South Island City. From there you will head to Queenstown and enjoy our nearly untouched nature.

There you have it: Queenstown is about a day's travel away from Christchurch - if you travel by car. It takes you about 45 minutes to fly - but I don't know how long it will take if you travel by boat... :-)

Anyway: having those re-build plans finally on the table do breathe new live into our shaken South Island. It will be good, it will be green, it will be simply spectacular - it will be KIWI!

So what do you have to do now? Plan to put some Dollars or Euros (or whatever currency you use) away. Do this every month and come and visit us - here in Further Down Under - in beautiful New Zealand!

ps: we posted a link of the video of those rebuilding plans onto our Facebook page. Have a look today!

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