Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Skippers Canyon Tours - behind the scenes

Today I would like to share some behind the scenes information.

You might know that my company - Queenstown Heritage Tours - has to undergo a yearly quality check performed by Qualmark New Zealand. We had our check a couple of weeks ago and I can proudly say 'we did it again!' We are again one of the best in the industry.

I am very proud to announce that we received again a score of 82%. That's the same score as we had last year which means that we could keep up our excellent operation.

As part of this yearly assessment, we do calculate our CO2 emissions that we create due to our Skippers Canyon and Wine tours. We continued our business partnership with CarbonFund.org and offset a total of 36 metric tonnes - that's actually more than we needed to do, but since we offset at least 35 tonnes every year with CarbonFund.org, we continued our effort without lowering our contribution.

This basically means that Queenstown Heritage Tours and all our services offered continue to be carbon-neutral tours.

And before I go, I would like to inform you that we again supported the Wakatipu Highschool Branches Camp. Our regular readers will remember this initiative as we financially support our Queenstown School every year by donating a couple of hundreds dollars to this camp. This year, we went even further: besides the financial donation, we transported some children to the camp.

Since the Branches Camp is in Skippers Canyon, the children were driven by 2 of our long-term team members.

The camp started last Friday, 23 November and will last until 4 December on which day we will again offer 2 of our vehicles to transport some of the school children safely home.

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