Thursday, 6 December 2012

Skippers Canyon or Numerous New Zealand Sightseeing Tours to Enjoy in Queenstown – Select Wisely.

If you ever visit New Zealand, the South Island and Queenstown have to be included in your travel plans. And since you are there, Skippers Canyon is without a doubt a not-to-be-missed activity.

Queenstown Heritage Tours offers 2 different options into Skippers:

  1. the unforgettable Skippers Canyon tour is the 1 tour that is most regularly chosen. 
  2. the Skippers Canyon Vista tour is the shorter option and mainly appeals to travellers who desire to enjoy lots of things or who are budget-focused.

The main distinction would be the hours you spend in the canyon. Whereas the unforgettable Skippers Canyon option lasts for 4 hours, Skippers Canyon Vista’s duration is only 3.

During the four hours excursion, we walk over Skippers Bridge and drive to Skippers Point which is the final destination. On our Vista trip, Skippers Bridge is the destination where we turn around and travel back to Queenstown.

One of the climax on the unforgettable Skippers Canyon option is undoubtedly the outdoor picnic. You will be offered some home-made cheese served on crackers, some sweet biscuits accompanied by a cup of coffee or tea or even a glass of Queenstown’s local wine. The refreshments are included to this option.

We pride ourselves to have the most versatile minibuses in Queenstown. Specifically outfitted for New Zealand sightseeing tours, our four-wheel drive vehicles offer comfort from A to Z: air-conditioning, forward-facing seats, excellent suspension and big viewing windows are the main characteristic.

On both our Skippers Canyon trips, a pick up from your Queenstown hotel is complimentary. As soon as the trip has ended, all you have to say is where you would like to be dropped off, eg. at the starting point of another optional tour, in the Queenstown centre or at your hotel – we can certainly do that.

They say ‘A picture says more than 1000 words’. For this reason, we created some snapshots and transformed them into a short video clip. You can look into those clips here or visit our website to find details about our optionals.

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